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Aerial Etceteras

Here are some video, pictures and other things we're hacking up over here.  Hey,  why not.
Some Model Airplane Video
Why not put a phone on a plane and take it for a cruise around the neighborhood.

Some Tethered Balloon Photography
Tethered balloon shots from above "Pioneering Technology Day" at A Time for Science in Ayden North Carolina

Taken on 11/13/2010

Taken on 11/13/2010


Didnt have the tripod,  but here's the international Space Station buzzing over the house on 11/15/2010

Some Kite Aerial Photography
Checking some things out via our kite borne testing rig

Some Aerial Sport Fishing
All we caught were some strange looks.  

What do we do with leftover helium?  

You get patriotic