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HSA-VI Recovered, Hook Shot into the Rough

posted Oct 13, 2010, 7:27 AM by Ryan Butcher   [ updated Oct 13, 2010, 9:51 AM ]
We pulled the wind data for a potential launch of HSA-VI on October 8th and it turned out it would be a good day to send it up.  We packed up and headed to Wilson where it was launched at about 1430.  This was the longest duration flight to date being aloft for nearly 2.5 hours while travelling nearly 50 miles eastward.  We tested some new ideas on this one and some worked and others are back on the drawing board.  Overall it was a success and we retreived some great video from very high altitude. 
The capsule landed north east of Greenville NC on Feather Creek Farms hunting preserve where after two unsuccessfull trips to get it out of an old pine deep in the woods, purveyor of the preserve Al Pierce was able to take aim and shoot it down from the tree.  Special thanks to Al and the staff of Feather Creek Farms - go book yourself a hunt,  they're good people out there.
After reviewing the footage we've determined further changes to the payload that we'll be testing on subsequent flights.  Our primary camera and tempature guages were destroyed so we're taking the opportunity to upgrade a few things also.  For more info images and notes check out the HSA-VI page here
Taken from HSA-VI on October 8, 2010