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HSA-V recovered successfully, photographs strange object orbiting Earth

posted Sep 25, 2010, 4:18 PM by Ryan Butcher   [ updated Sep 25, 2010, 4:32 PM ]
HSA-V has been recovered and produced some good video from near space.  The recovery effort was by far the worst to date by landing in dense wilderness 100+ feet atop a pine tree.  In total it took three trips to the sites and 7+ hours of hiking through tough land to get to it.  After exhausting all options, and ourselves - we shot the payload line with a 12ga shotgun and dropped the capsule from the tree.

Our primary still camera was testing some new software that we wrote and didn't produce great images this time but gave good information to put toward the next version.  Our primary video camera donned some new software and performed great,  producing 60 videos.  Check out the videos on youtube and on the HSA-V page here.

One of the most interesting things of this flight other than the dramatic recovery was some strange objects we caught on film at altitude.  The trajectory of the objects and speed is obvious that it is much higher than us and travelling at an incredible rate of speed.  We aren't claiming ufo here,  we think it's a satellite at this point.