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Status:  Recovered Successfully

HSA-V Actual Flight Path

Launch Date:  Sept 22, 2010
Launch Location:  Grimesland NC
Recovery Location:  Pinetown NC wilderness
Over-Land Distance Traveled: 37.1 Miles
Time Aloft:  3.1hrs
Time to Peak Alt: TBD
Payload:  Video
Team:  Ryan Butcher,  Joe Downing,  Jim Roberts

Special thanks to the Daily Reflector reporters for coming to the setup and launch.  We got it back - after a lot of hiking, briars, bears and dehydration.  HSA-V landed 100 feet up a Pine tree in the equivelent of the NC outback.  More on the story later,  for the interim here are some videos from the flight (more video soon also).  Check out the strange "unidentified orbiting object" or "UOO" we caught in the pictures at the bottom of the page.

HSA-V Altitude Video, Outer Banks NC visible

OK,  So what is this UFO doing in our shot?

We think HSA-V may have caught a satellite while at its apogee.  This object is clearly higher than the capsule and clears the horizon within 30 seconds so it's travelling incredibly fast (think thousands of MPH).  Jury is still out but as of this writing we think it's a satellite.

Pictures from HSA-V Launch and Recovery

HSA-V catches satellite?!?


HSA-V crash landing into the wilderness

Ryan Butcher,
Sep 25, 2010, 4:04 PM