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Oryan-I Pictures

Status:  Lost in Space
Launch Date:
 June 17, 2010
Launch Location:  Ayden, NC
Recovery Location:  TBD
Over-Land Distance Traveled: Unknown
Payload:  Digital Camera (Stills only)
Team:  Ryan Butcher,  Joe Downing

Oryan-I was our first attempt at near space,  and like many things it didn't go quite as expected.  Our launch date had good weather for the majority of the day,  well,  until a freak thunderstorm popped up right about the time we expected it to descend.  We lost tracking and never heard from it again,  but we had a good time looking.  After combing eastern NC for a couple days by car we took a small plane up to see if we could scout our cooler hanging from a tree.  Again,  we didnt find it - but at the end of the day it didnt matter, we still had a good time.  The capsule has our number printed on it so hopefully someone will call once the farmers start harvesting.  It's hanging out in a field somewhere with some amazing pictures I'm sure.  

A couple take aways from our first launch...  One is always have system redundancy, especially for tracking.  Second is if you go looking for styrofoam coolers via car and plane,  you're sure to find some.  We came back with eight total coolers,  none of them had been to space that we could tell.

Here are some highlights of Oryan-1,  from build to launch to recovery our all points search mission.
 Projected  Trajectory.

All systems online and ready to launch

Big thanks to Alan for taking us up

Getting the sounding balloon ready


Going over the predicted path.
Filling sounding balloon,  prepping payload

Pre-search flight briefing

Proof if you go looking for a cooler in the eastern nc countryside,  you're sure to find at least one.