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Oryan-II Tracking Data

Status: Recovered Successfully 
Launch Date:
  July 1, 2010
Launch Location:  Wilson, NC
Recovery Location:  Ayden, NC
Over-Land Distance Traveled: 48 miles
Payload:  Digital Camera (Stills only)
Team:  Ryan Butcher,  Joe Downing

Stitched image containing nearly 100 shots from Oryan II

Launched on July 1, 2010 Oryan-II was a much needed success after Oryan-I was lost.  We pulled the trajectory reports for the day and decided the best launch site was about 45 miles west of our current location in Greenville NC.  This prediction would put the nearcraft landing near the Greenville area but safely in the countryside.  So we packed up and headed for Wilson NC, Downing road to be more precise.
Predicted Trajectory for Oryan-II:   

Oryan-II Launch, Recovery and Images

Downing road winds through the countryside outside of Wilson and was a better than appropriate site for our launch for a number of reasons.  Joe's relatives actually championed this land generations ago and the road carries his namesake to this day.  So it wasn't a difficult decision to determine where we should setup.  Shortly after setup we were greeted by the current farmer of the land and after a brief description of what we were doing he helped us get everything together.  The launch went great.

We tracked the nearcraft following highway 264 East almost perfectly back to Greenville.  We were under it most of the time in the chase vehicle getting live position reports. At one point it was traveling nearly 70mph horizontally and outrunning us.  On landing our primary tracking system failed but thankfully our secondary system took over and was accurate to its landing position within two feet.  We got some great altitude and pictures (over 2200 images) from this one.

Oryan-II is the last of the Oryan series nearcraft and was retired after this recovery.  A new capsule was built for subsequent flights and the series changed to HSA (Home Sick Angel)

Some Pictures

Highway 264 from Oryan-II

Awesome shot

As it was when we found it.

Full rig almost liftoff

Another good one

Over Greenville NC

Secondary tracking system took us right too it.

Ryan Butcher,  Joe Downing

Near peak altitude,  large thunderstorm

A minute or two before decending