Looking for a way to support some backyard space engineers?  Want your company to soar above the competition and create an image of your business people CAN'T forget?  

Here's your chance for your company logo or message to catch a ride on the next near space flight while supporting Astrohack development and student outreach program.  

Our current platform is designed to fly a custom advertising appendage that holds your logo in the field of view of it's imaging system (still images, video, or both).  After the craft is recovered we'll send you a disc containg thousands of pictures of your logo/message/website at the "shore of space" or nearspace to include in your marketing materials.  

To inquire about this innovative advertising vehicle,  please contact us below.  We'll discuss your needs and schedule a flight typically within one month depending on the payload requirements.

Phone:  (252) 227-0722

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